Introducing FreeHandSQL

Ever wished you could just ask your database what you want without writing lengthy SQL queries? FreeHandSQL makes it possible! By harnessing the power of ChatGPT API, FreeHandSQL allows you to input natural language utterances and translates them into accurate SQL queries. Experience a new era of database querying with FreeHandSQL.

FreeHandSQL Software Interface - Natural Language to SQL Converter

Prerequisites for Using FreeHandSQL

Before you can fully utilize FreeHandSQL, there are a few prerequisites you need to ensure:

  1. ChatGPT API Key: FreeHandSQL leverages the power of the ChatGPT API to convert natural language utterances into SQL queries. To use this feature:
    • Visit OpenAI's website.
    • Sign up and navigate to the API section to obtain your ChatGPT API key.
    • Enter this key in FreeHandSQL's settings after installation.
  2. SQL Engine Access: FreeHandSQL communicates directly with SQL databases. Ensure you have:
    • Access to an SQL engine (like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc.).
    • The necessary credentials (username, password, database name, etc.) to connect to your database.
    • Properly configured firewall and permission settings to allow FreeHandSQL to connect.

Once you have the above in place, you're all set to experience the seamless integration of natural language processing with database querying!