Prepare Your Career Fair Badge

Welcome! To make the most out of the Career Fair, we request a few moments of your time to fill out the form below. This form is designed to gather essential information that will be used to print a badge for the event. Your badge is key to networking efficiently, ensuring that potential employers can immediately identify and remember you.

Please provide the requested information below and submit your email address. We will send an email with the QR code for your convenience. This QR code is crucial for creating your Career Fair ebadge.

Additionally, you have the option to download this QR code and insert it into your resume. Including the QR code on your resume provides potential employers with a direct link to your Career Fair ebadge, showcasing your proactive engagement and making it easier for them to learn more about you in a digital format. This small but significant addition to your resume can enhance your visibility and make a lasting impression.

We prioritize the privacy and security of your information, using it exclusively for the purpose of creating your Career Fair badge and facilitating effective networking opportunities.

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