Career Fair Networking Simplified

Discover how QRlink enhances networking at professional events.

Why Choose QRlink for Your Career Fair?

QRlink offers a seamless solution for managing contact exchanges at career fairs, making it easy for participants to connect and follow up after the event.

How It Works

Participating in a career fair with QRlink is easy:

  1. Organizers register the fair and its participants in the QRlink system.
  2. Each participant receives a QR code linked to their professional profile.
  3. Attendees scan each other's codes to save contact details directly to their devices.
  4. Post-event, all connections are accessible through the QRlink platform for follow-up.

Prepare for the Career Fair

Register your details ahead of time to streamline your experience at the career fair. By filling out your information online, you can generate a QR code that will serve as your digital entry badge.

Click the link below to enter your contact details. You can choose to print your QR code directly or receive it via email. Present your QR code at the career fair to receive your official badge.

Students: Register and Create Your QR Code

Employers: Register and Create Your QR Code

Professors: Register and Create Your QR Code

Benefits of Pre-Registration

How It Works

  1. Click the link to input your information and generate your QR code.
  2. Choose to print your QR code immediately or receive it by email.
  3. Show your QR code at the career fair to get your physical badge.

Get Started

Ready to transform your career fair experience? Follow the link above to simplify the way you connect with professionals and potential employers at the event.

Want to read QR Codes or print badges? Download QRlink today and simplify the way you connect at your events.

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