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Enhance your child’s camp experience with fast, secure check-in and emergency preparedness.

Why QR Link for CampConnect?

QR Link CampConnect offers a secure and efficient solution for managing camper registrations and emergencies. Our platform ensures that dropping off and picking up your child is seamless and safe.

How to Register Your Camper

Ensure your camper’s safety and convenience by registering for a QR code prior to camp start. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the link below to enter your camper's information.
  2. Receive a QR code by email or print it directly from the site.
  3. Present the QR code at the camp to quickly print your camper’s badge.

Register for a QR Code

Benefits of Using CampConnect

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If you have questions about registering your child or how CampConnect enhances camp safety and management, please contact us: